We Provide Care For The Following Exotic Pets


BloomingPaws Vet Clinic has experience in treating exotic pets here in Bloomington, Indiana and we’d like to share some facts on the health and care of exotics from our team of veterinarians so that our veterinary patients will live long and well after they leave our clinic.

Exotic Pets We Treat

Pocket Pets

Rats / Mice

Chinchillas / Gerbils

Hamsters / Guinea Pigs

Ferrets / Rabbits

Sugar Gliders / Hedge Hogs

Pot Bellied Pigs

Exotic Pet: Bearded Dragon


Bearded Dragon / Skinks

Geckos / Monitors

Chameleon / Iguanas

Exotic Pet: Ball Python


Cornsnake / Kingsnake

Ball Python / Burmese Python

Reticulated Python / Rainbow Boa

Exotic Pet: red-ear slider


Red-Ear Sliders / Box Turtles

If you do not see your exotic pet listed, please feel free to contact our resident Exotic Pet Veterinarian, Dr. Francis, at (812)330-7297.