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BloomingPaws vet clinic presents a poor sick puppy that is in need of our help

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BloomingPaws veterinarians treat dogs, cats, and many types of exotic animals with a combination of state-of-the-art technology, expertise and experience, and caring communication with you and your pets. Our veterinarians highly recommend Trupanion pet medical insurance. Schedule an appointment to start FREE 30 days of coverage! Here is a short video to introduce you to who, and what, you will find at our full-service vet clinic:

A Video Overview of
the BloomingPaws Veterinary Clinic

Our laser surgery options for dogs and cats include :

    • General surgery
    • Ophthalmologic surgery
    • Ear, nose & throat surgery
    • Oral surgery
    • Dermatologic surgery

Some of the benefits of veterinary laser surgery are less bleeding, less pain, reduced risk of infection, and quicker recovery time.

Read more about BloomingPaws laser surgery.
View a video clip on how laser surgery is used in the BloomingPaws vet clinic.

Some benefits of our digital X-rays versus
the older, film X-rays are :

    • Clearer, more accurate images
    • Available in seconds
    • The much faster procedure means less stress on your pet.
    • Instant veterinary findings, diagnoses and treatment
    • Less pet exposure to radiation
    • Images can be emailed to you or another veterinary animal hospital.
    • Images available online from anywhere in the world via your Petly Pet Parent Portal

Read more about BloomingPaws digital radiology.

Our in-house diagnostic laboratory offers many benefits :

    • Comprehensive real-time results
    • Ability to analyze multiple samples simultaneously
    • All your diagnostic information in one comprehensive patient report
    • Compare to results from prior tests
    • Make more informed decisions during your patient visit.
    • Your personalized Petly Pet Parent Portal allows you to access your pet’s medical files online at home or while you are traveling.

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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning works great for pets, too :

At every physical examination, our veterinarians check your pet’s teeth to determine if it is time for an ultrasonic scale and polish. If your pet is having bad breath, difficulty chewing or exhibiting bright red gums, ask your veterinarian if your pet might benefit from a cleaning. Ultrasonic dental cleaning is done while your pet is under full anesthesia.

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Our isolation ward offers many advantages :

We have a separate Isolation Ward for dogs and cats. We use ISO-CARE™ Isolation Units for pets with contagious diseases or who require quarantine. These are some of the benefits:

    • ISO-CARE’s innovative tempered glass design keeps all discharge within the unit.
    • The fiberglass interior washes clean in seconds.
    • A two-tiered drainage system keeps wastes and liquids away from animals, exiting directly to the sewer through ISO-CARE’s floor drain.

See our page on the BloomingPaws ISO-CARE isolation ward.

These simple steps can keep you and your pet together :

    • We microchip your pet and
    • Register your pet in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database.

Pet micro-chipping is a response to the fact that 1 in 3 pets go missing during its lifetime, and that without a proper ID, 90% never return home.

Read more about BloomingPaws pet micro-chipping.

Of course, the real strength of the BloomingPaws vet clinic goes beyond any state-of-the-art technology and procedures. Our real strength is the experience, expertise, and caring approach of the BloomingPaws veterinarians and staff. Below are summaries of the typical annual checkups we will give your pets, then brief introductions to our veterinarians, and a list of very informative articles from our vet staff to help you and your pet.

Our Annual Pet Wellness Checkups are from head to tail.

Our veterinarians examine:

    • the entire body
    • ears
    • all joints
    • teeth & mouth
    • heart & lungs
    • eyes

Then the veterinarians will answer your questions or concerns and discuss recommendations for preventive pet care.

Read more about our Pet Physical Exams »

The optional veterinary services in our clinic are too numerous to list,
so we encourage you to contact us to answer all of your questions.

The Veterinarians at BloomingPaws

photo of Dr Melissa Francis of BloomingPaws vet clinic

Dr. Melissa Francis. The friendly, but very careful and knowledgeable veterinarian in the photo is Dr. Melissa Francis. Dr. Francis began her veterinary career in Phoenix, AZ at a clinic that specialized in dogs, cats and exotic pets. Her years of veterinary practice in the Southwest gave her invaluable experience treating exotic pets. She later practiced in southeastern Oklahoma for four years before she and her family were able to return to their Midwestern roots here in Monroe County. Bloomington has been her permanent home since 2011.

Read the full biography of veterinarian Dr. Melissa Francis.

vet Dr Melissa Dickinson from BloomingPawsDr. Melissa Dickinson. Dr. Melissa Dickinson was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, but moved with her parents to the Midwest as a teenager. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois. While there, she did an externship at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, in California, in the Behavior Department. Also, while at the U of I, she volunteered at the Wildlife Ward, and worked for the Decatur Zoo, in Decatur, Illinois. Dr. Dickinson has worked throughout the Midwest, including at an all-exotic animal clinic, and at a homeopathic clinic.

Read the full biography of veterinarian Dr. Melissa Dickinson.

Useful information from the veterinarians at BloomingPaws

The veterinary staff often collaborates with other staff at BloomingPaws to post information pieces on a variety of topics of use to pet owners. Below is a list of some of these articles, followed by major topics covered in each article. Click on the “Read this article” link to read the full article.

  • “Senior Pet Wellness Awareness”
    What is Senior Pet Wellness? | Screenings for Senior Pets | Goals of Senior Pet Wellness
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  • “Bordetella Bronchiseptica Information from BloomingPaws”
    Facts about Bordetella Bronchiseptica | How is It Transmitted? | Clinical Symptoms |
    Diagnosing Bordetella Bronchiseptica | Is It Treatable? | Prevention

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  • “Important Canine Influenza Update from BloomingPaws”
    What you should know about this recent strain of canine influenza
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  • “Canine Influenza Details from BloomingPaws Vets”
    Facts about Canine Influenza | How is It Transmitted? | Clinical Symptoms (Mild or Severe) | Diagnosing CI | Is It Treatable? | Prevention
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  • “Information about Leptospirosis from BloomingPaws”
    How is It Transmitted? | Clinical Symptoms | Diagnosing Leptospirosis | Is It Treatable? | Prevention | Can Humans Get Leptospirosis?
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  • “Canine Parvovirus Information from Vets at BloomingPaws”
    Canine Parvovirus Facts | How is Parvovirus Transmitted? | Clinical Symptoms of Parvovirus | Diagnosing Canine Parvovirus | Can You Treat Parvovirus? | Preventing Parvovirus
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  • “Canine Distemper Information from the Vets at BloomingPaws”
    Facts about Canine Distemper | How is Distemper Transmitted? | Clinical Symptoms of Distemper | Diagnosing Canine Distemper | Can You Treat Canine Distemper? | Can you prevent Canine Distemper?
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  • “Rabies Virus Information from BloomingPaws Vet Clinic”
    Rabies Facts | How is Rabies Transmitted? | Clinical Symptoms of Rabies | Diagnosing Rabies | Can You Treat Rabies? | Quarantining Rabid Animals | Can Humans Contract Rabies?
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  • “Giardia in Bloomington, Indiana”
    Facts About Giardia | How Does My Pet Get Giardia? | Diagnosing Giardia | Giardia in Bloomington | BloomingPaws’ Giardia Protocols | Treating Giardia | Cleaning Up After Giardia
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  • “Owning Ferrets in Bloomington”
    What Ferrets Have Been Used For | Ferret Facts | Climate Dangers in Bloomington | Practical Recommendations for Ferret Owners | Common Health Problems for Ferrets
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  • “Pet Rabbit Care in Bloomington, Indiana”
    Dietary Issues For Rabbits | Litterbox Training for Rabbits | Spaying and Neutering Rabbits | Proper Housing of Rabbits in Bloomington | Common Health Problems in Pet Rabbits
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  • “Beware of Weight Loss in Senior Cats”
    Hyperthyroidism | Chronic Kidney Disease | Diabetes | Preventing Weight Loss in Cats
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  • “Hidden Dangers for Reptile Pets”
    Additional Environment Requirements | Special Environmental Issues in Bloomington | Metabolic Bone Disease | Intestinal Parasites in Reptiles
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  • “Teeth Problems for Exotic Pets”
    Overgrown Teeth in Rodents and Rabbits | Weight Issues in Rodents and Rabbits | Dental Problems in Ferrets
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  • “Little Known Facts About Exotic Pets”
    Delayed Symptoms, Specific Challenges for Small Animals, Importance of Regular Exams
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  • “Dental Hygiene”
    Signs of Periodontal Disease | Causes of Periodontal Disease | Treatments and Solutions
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  • “Canned Food vs Dry Food”
    Benefits of a Canned Diet for your Cat
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If you have further interest in learning about our Vet Clinic or scheduling an appointment, you can also make a reservation online.