Specials for Bloomington Animal Shelter pets at BloomingPaws


The City of Bloomington Animal Shelter has an excellent pet adoption search and information site. It has listings of all (or most) of the animals available for adoption, rescue, or foster care. The web site also has hours for the shelter, as well as most of the information people would need before beginning an adoption. BloomingPaws has a number of special offers for Bloomington Animal Shelter pets, which are described below.

If you decide to take advantage of the free services for your newly adopted pet, you should
have no problem finding BloomingPaws — as you exit the Bloomington Animal Shelter driveway,
you will be looking at BloomingPaws just across the street on South Walnut!

How our Vet Clinic supports the Bloomington Animal Shelter

  • Free wellness exam:  First, the BloomingPaws Vet Clinic offers a free wellness exam to Bloomington Animal Shelter pets. This includes dogs, cats, rabbits, and any other species adopted from the Shelter. Here’s how it works: After committing to an adoption, pet parents get paperwork from the Shelter. The offer that you will see from BloomingPaws states that pet parents need to take advantage of the free exam within 7 days. This should given plenty of time to call the BloomingPaws Vet Clinic. (The direct number to the Clinic is 812-333-2273.)  To make an appointment for the free exam, just let us know when you call that you have just adopted a pet from the Bloomington Animal Shelter. Then, when you come for the appointment, make sure to bring the Shelter paperwork with you. We can do head-to-tail wellness exams on any pet adopted from the animal shelter.
  • Useful information:  Next, we provide new pet parents who have brought their pet from the Shelter with lots of free preventative health tips. We have many useful handouts that you can take home. Of course, out vets can also give you many great tips on how best to get your Shelter pet off to a healthy start in its new home. We tailor the educational information that you will receive to be as specific to you and your new pet as possible.
  • An online tool:  Many pet parents who come to the BloomingPaws Vet Clinic use our online “Petly Pet Parent Portal” to store their pets’ information. Your personalized Petly Pet Parent Portal allows you to access your pet’s medical files online at home or while you are traveling. For example, using the Portal, you can view up-to-date health records for your adopted pet, search for information on pet-related issues, request appointments and prescription refills. It is a very helpful web tool for Vet Clinic patients, and quite easy to use. When you bring in your pet from the Shelter, we can help get you started on our Petly Pet Parent Portal if you choose to use it.

A free service for Shelter pets from our Training staff

  • Free behavior consultation:  Pet parents who bring in a dog from the Bloomington Animal Shelter can also ask our professional dog Trainer for a free behavior consultation. This could be a very valuable service for puppies, but even more so, potentially, for older dogs adopted from the Shelter. Please email our lead trainer at  training@bloomingpaws.net to make an appointment or for more information.

Shelter adoptees can get a free grooming assessment

  • Free grooming assessment:  BloomingPaws has experienced grooming staff who can give you free cost estimates on recommended grooming services for your dog or cat adopted from the Bloomington Animal Shelter. They will also show you how to groom and care for your new pet, and give you educational materials specific to you and your pet. Call our main number at (812-330-7297) for an appointment or more details.

A special offer for pets from the Bloomington Animal Shelter

  • A free day of daycare:  Besides a vet clinic, dog training, and grooming and spa services, BloomingPaws has many boarding and daycare options for pets. Your dog from the Bloomington Animal Shelter could qualify for a free day of daycare! This can only be redeemed once per pet. It’s a good way to get to know us, and for us to get to know your dog. Again, our main number (812-330-7297) is the one to call.

To receive more than one free service listed above,
pet parents will have to schedule each service independently.