Our Grooming Team

Our BloomingPaws team has over 30 members.

Meet some of our leaders.

Senior Groomer: Lynlee Rogers

Biography: Lynlee has been our Pet Groomer since October 2012. She has over five years of experience and training in all breed grooming, both breed standard cuts, as well as custom request trims. Lynlee started as a pet bather in 2008 and graduated from the PetSmart Grooming Academy in 2009.

Lynlee is also a professionally trained Cat Groomer, who uses her profound love of cats to form a unique bond to keep the cats stress at a safe level. Safety of the pets in her care is always a top priority for Lynlee. Well trained in identifying signs of stress, she ensures that her clients have the most enjoyable time at the Spa as possible.
Lynlee, her spouse and their son, Jaden, have rescued 3 dogs, as well as 6 cats who love spending the day watching their 125 gallon aquarium. They are also fond of more “exotic” pets, and house a menagerie of tortoises, geckos, snakes, and other cold blooded friends. When Lynlee is not enjoying her passion of Pet Grooming, she loves crafting with her son, baking, and scrapbooking. She and her family also take pleasure in many outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

Philosophy & Goals: From the moment I started working with dogs I knew that I was on the right path. What started as a part time bathing job has turned into an amazing career. I have devoted my time to the well-being of all animals. I believe the bond between pet and groomer is vital. I strive to develop close relationships with all of my four legged clients. I do my best to provide a safe and stress free experience for every pet in my care. Your pet will be treated with the same compassion and love my own receive. The key is using positive reinforcement rather than disciplinary actions. My gentle touch will gain the trust needed for a pleasant grooming experience and a contented pet. My aspiration is to keep my clients looking and feeling their best, while ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of their parents. Grooming is essential to the health of any pet; a well groomed pet is a happy pet.

Groomer: Kava Crane


Biography: Kava was born and raised in Bloomington. Since a young age she has always had a passion and love for animals. Kava showed Quarter Horses for many years and was a nine year 4-H member. She began as a pet bather at PetSmart in 2009 and graduated from the PetSmart Grooming Academy in 2010. She is skilled and knowledgeable in specific breed cuts and custom pet trims. She left grooming for a short period of time to pursue a degree in Paramedic Science and Firefighting. After receiving her EMT License and numerous Firefighting and Hazmat certifications she realized her love and devotion for animals was her true calling.  She returned to grooming at BloomingPaws in October of 2014. When she is not enjoying grooming Kava enjoys spending time with her family. This includes her fiancé Andy, son Anthony, 2 dogs, 4 rescued cats, many fish and an African Gray Parrot named Mikey. Kava also enjoys boating, camping, fishing and equestrian sports.

Philosophy & Goals: Since a young age I have had a passion for all animals. I believe pets are an integral part of enjoying life. Since I was a child I cannot remember a time I did not have at least one animal and could not imagine life without a furry member of my family. Pets make our lives more happy and enjoyable.  A close relationship between a pet parent, their pet and groomer is very important.  I believe in positive reinforcement rather than discipline. Maintaining a normal grooming routine is a necessity for keeping your pet happy, healthy and feeling its best. This includes providing as many all natural care products as possible. Your pet’s safety and happiness is always my number one priority.  I treat every pet as if they were my own and show them the love, care and respect that they deserve.