Dog Grooming

Discover how we can clean and pamper your pet!

    • Have you had a hard day of play?
    • Why not look and smell your best before you head for home?
    • Select the perfect grooming style for your pet or call for more information.

Ask our BloomingPaws groomers because prices vary based on the breed & service(s) performed.

Service Price Information
Spa Services:
Super Bath Start at $19 Includes a bath with all-natural shampoo, blow dry, 15 min of brushing & cologne
Full Spa Treatment Start at $29 Super Bath, plus pedicure, ear cleaning, trim pads, feet and sanitary areas

Grooming packages include a Full Spa Treatment

Salon Grooming:
Puppy Trims $25 – $35 Get your puppy introduced to grooming with lots of extra TLC. We trim the face, feet, and tail, plus a short relaxing massage. (up to 5 months)
Neaten-Ups Start at $50 Trim the face, feet, tail, and tummy. No length taken off the body.
Full Body Styling Start at $55 Breed standard cut or a custom style of your choice.
Add on Services:
Relaxing Massage $15 The ideal way to relax after a stimulating day of group play
Teeth Brushing & Breath Spray $11 Teeth are brushed with enzymatic toothpaste that starts to break down existing tarter while preventing new build up. Finish with a breath spray that works by neutralizing mouth odors and helps to control plaque build up, leaving your pet’s mouth fresh and clean. Recommended daily for long term dental health.
Shampoo/Conditioning Upgrade $5 We offer shampoo and conditioning upgrades: Oatmeal, Conditioning Rinse, Whitening, Exfoliating Scrub, Hypoallergenic, Shedless and Medicated. Improve the quality of your pet’s skin and coat.
Flea Treatment $16 This treatment is required if we find fleas on your pet. Our Veterinarian performs a Capstar evaluation to check your pet’s health. Then your pet is administered a Capstar Flea Tablet. It begins working within 30 minutes, will kill nearly all adult fleas within 4 hours, and lasts 24 hours. This is a great start for battling fleas. A monthly flea preventative is highly recommended.
Deodorizing Treatment (De-skunk) $10 A safe, tear-free bath that is effective against smells! This two-step process uses natural vegetable protein deodorizers so your pet smells it’s best!
 See FAQ: “What is a Deodorizing Treatment”? » 
Shedless Treatment $20 Reduce the hair in your house by up to 90%! We use a FURminator tool in a 3-step process to control shedding while promoting healthy skin and coat. Best if used every 6 weeks. Safe for cats & dogs 6 weeks of age and older.
 See FAQ: “What is a Shedless
Treatment”? » 
Mat Removal/Extra Brushing $15 Price may vary depending on the severity.
Nail Grinding $5 The Dremel rotary tool allows quick and safe nail filing. After nails are clipped, they are filed smooth and short as possible.
Nail Polish $5 Choose between 18 different colors to make your pet look like a star.
Anal Gland Expression $15 This is an external process. Internal cleaning is only performed at our vet clinic
Hair Color $15 We use semi-permanent, non-toxic color that is pet safe. Choose from 8 colors!
Feathers $10 Choose from a variety of colors and combinations! Feathers last an average of 4-6 weeks and can even withstand baths!
Express Service $25 Your pet will be groomed first and without interruption. This service is ideal for older or fearful pets to avoid stress. Drop off is at 8AM, unless pre-arranged at a different time.