Cat Grooming

Discover how our BloomingPaws groomers can clean and pamper your pet!

Ask our BloomingPaws groomers because prices vary based on the breed & service(s) performed by our groomers.

Service Price Information
Spa Services:
Full Spa Treatment $45 Super Bath, plus nail trim, ear cleaning, trim pads, and sanitary areas

All grooming packages include a Full Spa Treatment!

Salon Grooming:
Full Body Styling $65 Customizable Lion Cut
Add on Services:
Relaxing Massage $15 The ideal way to relax after a stimulating day.
Shampoo Upgrade $5 We offer shampoo upgrades: Oatmeal, Apricot Exfoliating Scrub, Hypoallergenic, Shedless and Medicated. Improve the quality of your pet’s skin and coat.
Flea Treatment $16 This treatment is required if we find fleas on your pet. Our Veterinarian performs a Capstar evaluation to check your pet’s health. Then your pet is administered a Capstar Flea Tablet. It begins working within 30 minutes, will kill nearly all adult fleas within 4 hours, and lasts 24 hours. This is a great start for battling fleas. A monthly flea preventative is highly recommended.
Shedless Treatment $20 Reduce the hair in your house by up to 90%! We use a FURminator tool in a 3-step process to control shedding while promoting healthy skin and coat. Best if used every 6 weeks. Safe for cats & dogs 6 weeks of age and older.
 See FAQ: “What is a Shedless
Treatment”? »
Mat Removal/Extra Brushing $15 Price may vary depending on the severity.
Soft Nail Caps for Cats $15 These caps are safe, non-toxic vinyl covers that glue onto the nail. Developed by a veterinarian and designed to prevent damage when your cat scratches! They come in large variety of colors, last 4-6 weeks and are available in all sizes. *All cats must get a nail trim prior to application.
Teeth Brush & Breath Spray $11 Teeth are brushed with enzymatic toothpaste that starts to break down existing tarter while preventing new build up. Finish with a breath spray that works by neutralizing mouth odors and helps to control plaque build up, leaving your pet’s mouth fresh and clean. Recommended daily for long term dental health.
Feliway Therapy $5 A spray consisting of a synthetic copy of the feline pheromone, used
by cats when they mark their territory, which helps them feel safe and secure. Our caring grooming staff sprays Feliway on a blanket, which is then used as a soothing agent during their spa treatment. A Feliway diffuser located nearby can also be used for added comfort and reduced stress.
Express Service $25 Your pet will be groomed first and without interruption. This service is ideal for older or fearful pets to avoid stress. Drop off is at 8AM, unless pre-arranged at a different time.