Resort / Daycare FAQs

What is Dog Daycare?

Dog Daycare works much like a daycare center for children. In the morning, you drop off your dog at BloomingPaws and then pick them up later in the day. During your dog’s stay, they have a positive, active day, while you are busy doing other things.Instead of moping around the house, either anxious or lonely, and possibly damaging your possessions, your dog spends the day sniffing, yipping, running, chasing, and playing!
What is “Group Play”?

Dogs are pack animals so they love to frolic and cavort in Group Play. We will match your dog’s preferred play style and the weather with one of our 9 Playground Areas:

  • 8 outdoor Group Playground Areas
  • 5 indoor, climate controlled Group Playground Areas
  • 3 outdoor Independent Playground Areas with their favorite toys.

Your dog will return home safe, happy, and pleasantly tired after a great day of play.

See Group Play Policies »

What is a “Personality Assessment”?

Our Master Trainer must evaluate all new dog clients prior to their first group play. Please contact us prior to your reservation to schedule an assessment. Pet parents are invited to observe the process. Our Master Trainer’s assessment will determine which of the five groups are best matched to your dog’s personality or whether your pet is best suited for Independent Play. See Personality Assessment »
What is “Independent Play”?

Independent Play is ideal for dogs whose health or temperament does not allow Group Play. Each pet will have two extended visits to an outside Independent Playground that is monitored by one our Animal Care Technicians. Bring your pet’s favorite toy or we will provide stimulating toys of our own.
Why is Daycare good for my dog?

  • Daycare is a beneficial activity that provides exercise, which in turn helps build the immune system.
  • The release of energy will help your dog sleep better and will reduce stress.
  • Daycare is a great opportunity for your dog to learn socialization skills, which will provide a lifelong benefit for both pet and owners.
  • Being able to appropriately interact with other dogs will give you confidence to go out into different environments with your animal.
  • Daycare can help puppies with their potty training, and it allows them to become social at an early age when they are most receptive to behavioral learning.
  • Daycare is a great way to keep your dog physically and emotionally fit!
Why is Doggie Daycare good for me?

  • Daycare helps you share the responsibility of keeping a happy and healthy dog with others who do this for a living.
  • It will lower your stress and worries over providing the level of exercise and stimulation your dog wants.
  • This will allow you to concentrate on providing love and companionship.
  • Your dog will be less rambunctious or unruly, and that will help you maintain a more peaceful and pleasant household.
  • We can also work together to instill an appropriate response to basic commands.
Why do you schedule “rest periods” during the day?

Group Play can actually be too much fun! Studies show that it is best to have two rest periods per day to recharge. Our Group Play Guardians and Animal Care Technicians rotate our canine friends into apartments for quiet time and then bring them back to rejoin their friends.
What are “Group Play Guardians”?

One of our Group Play Guardians monitors each of our Group Playgrounds. The Guardians are experienced in handling rambunctious dogs and the unexpected situations that are inevitable when dogs are cavorting together.
What are the benefits of EasyTurf grass on the outdoor play areas?

All outdoor play areas will be covered by EasyTurf grass. EasyTurf grass is an artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. Unique features include an exclusive knitted flow-through backing, short dense blade structure, anti-microbial protection and a no-infill design. These unique features mean a cleaner, safer, healthier and better-smelling environment for pets. See EasyTurf grass
During the hours of dog daycare, may I make other appointments for the care of my pet?

Pet owners especially love Dog Daycare at BloomingPaws because it offers a convenient “one-stop” cornucopia of pet services. Dog grooming and bathing can take place while you are at work. Veterinary appointments and day training sessions can be arranged to fit your schedule. Medicines and food are available for purchase. Fast, friendly, easy.
What if there is bad weather?

We have two indoor play areas, three of our outdoor play areas have gazebos to protect from the elements and we have over 100 indoor apartments. These options provide ample areas to comfortably and safely accommodate all the daycare dogs when cold, rain, storms or severe heat make uncovered outdoor play unsafe.
What if there is an emergency?

BloomingPaws is unique because of our “Carefree Veterinary Guarantee”. Our Carefree Veterinary Guarantee provides free, on-site veterinary services if we are the cause of an illness or your pet is injured while in our care. The value of this free, emergency veterinary care is included in Resort and Spa fees.
No other animal care business provides this free peace of mind! See details of our Carefree Guarantee »
How secure are the play areas?

BloomingPaws fencing is high enough to prevent jumping out and is grounded in concrete to prevent digging out. Double gates for entering the play area ensure that little Houdini, the escape artist, can be caught should he slip through the gate as someone is entering or leaving the play area.
How much does daycare cost?

People are surprised at how reasonable Dog Daycare can be. We also offer packages based on frequency. Group Play can be combined with overnight boarding, training, and grooming. BloomingPaws also offers vaccines, checkups and other procedures through an on-site veterinary hospital. Check out our Reservations » for more details.
What is “X-Press Pick Up”?

Our X-Press Pick Up procedures allow you to easily email us 15 minutes before you arrive to pick up your dog. This advance notice allows our Animal Care Technicians to start the end of the day health inspection of your pet to reduce your waiting time when you arrive.
Is it possible to watch my dog at Daycare?

  • Log on to from anywhere in the world and click on our Dog Cam ».
  • You will find each play area is equipped with a camera which provides a real-time feed to the Internet.
  • Some pet owners find it reassuring to see their dog safe and happy. Some just like to watch because it is highly entertaining to watch dogs at play!
What happens if my pet gets hurt while in your care?

We put forth a great deal of effort to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being while they stay with us. However, there is an inherent risk to playing with other dogs. Our Carefree Guarantee offers you peace of mind that if an injury does occur, you are contacted right away and your pet receives prompt attention by our Veterinarian. See our Carefree Guarantee »
Can you feed my Dog Lunch?

Of Course! We are happy to provide your pup with an added snack for the day for an additional fee. However, we do find that most adult dogs are so stimulated from all the fun that often they choose to not eat until they get home. This option is ideal for growing puppies that might need smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.
Is there a vaccination requirement?

Yes. In order to safeguard the health of every guest we require that every pet have the required vaccinations prior to their visit. See our FAQ For All Pet Parents ».