Group Play Evaluation

We have comprehensive process included on the first day of daycare to evaluate your dog’s unique personality, play style, size and needs.

We will match your dog’s unique preferred play style, with one of our 9 Playground Areas, taking the weather into consideration, of course:

  • 8 outdoor Group Playground Areas
  • 2 indoor, climate controlled Group Playground Areas
  • 3 outdoor Independent Playground Areas with their favorite toys.

Step 1 – Complete an Application.Your answers will tell us about your dog’s favorite toys, play styles, and behavior to help paint a complete picture of your dog. Whether you want your dog in Group Play or Independent Play, the application will help us to provide the best daycare service possible.

Step 2 – Schedule an Appointment for the Group Play Evaluation. We encourage you to observe via a live video cam with one of our Associate Trainers. You can see firsthand how your dog reacts in a group play setting without your influence. Our Trainer will explain the process and answer any questions.

Step 3 – Group Play Evaluation. We use a carefully crafted methodology to predict how your dog will respond in Group Play. Your dog will systematically be exposed to dogs of different genders, and play styles. Interactions are closely monitored to ensure the safety of all dogs as well as to accurately record your dog’s behavior. The evaluation takes between 20 to 45 minutes depending on your pet’s unique personality.

Step 4 – Group Play Report Card. A “report card” documents your dog’s behaviors. It includes your dog’s activity level, emotional state, social etiquette and friendliness to dogs & people. The combination of these factors determines which one of the Group Play Areas is best for your dog or whether your pet is better suited for Independent or One-on-One Play.

Step 5 – Pet Parent – Trainer Conference. Whether or not you attend the Group Play Assessment, our Associate Trainers look forward to reviewing their findings with you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about your dog and all options available for your dog. This discussion is similar to a grade school parent /teacher conference.

Step 6 – Periodic Updates for both Report Cards and Conferences. We update the report card after your dog’s first full day of real group play and then periodically if there is any change in behavior.

The Result — 
Your dog will return home safe, happy, and pleasantly tired after a great day of play.