6-Star Cleanliness

Sanitation starts with one-piece impermeable floors specially designed for pet care facilities! Our training room has a one piece non-slip 3/8′ impermeable Protect-All rubber membrane.
The floors in the rest of our facility are a solid continuous five layer quartz epoxy flooring system with rounded cove edges in all high pet traffic areas. It is composed of one coat epoxy penetrator/primer, two coats epoxy with quartz broadcast into them; and two clear protective top coats of epoxy. All of the epoxy is 100% solids industrial coatings.
We have a centralized Aqua-Air Wet/ Dry Cleaning System with connection points throughout our facility.
Here’s how the centralized system works:

    • Hot water is mixed with cleaning solutions
    • sprayed onto all dirty surfaces
    • rinsed with clean hot water
    • contaminants vacuumed directly into the sewer
    • leaves surfaces clean, residue-free and dry.

Improved health and safety!

    • significantly more sanitary environment
    • deodorizes our entire facility
    • no wet, slippery floors
    • reduces humidity
    • improves air quality

Out with the old:

Mops, buckets and portable vacuums Aqua-Air® Wet/ Dry Centralized re-distribute allergens and contaminants back Cleaning System into our environment.

In with the new…

Aqua-Air® Wet/ Dry Centralized Cleaning System