Dog Boarding

The BloomingPaws pet resort includes facilities for dog boarding, dog daycare, and cat boarding. Our resort facilities and services are the best that can be found in our region. Our standards as the only licensed kennel in Bloomington, Indiana, extend to our all our resort services, where trained and professional staff look out for the health and happiness of each and every dog. Please read through the General Health Policies we require for the safety of your pet.

The range of possible activities (e.g. play groups, individual play, doggy pool in warm weather), rate and discount packages, and additional onsite services (e.g. overnight kennel, training, grooming, vet clinic, etc.) make BloomingPaws Dog Daycare the choice of many happy dog parents … and their happy dogs! Below is a summary of our rates, activities, optional services, and discount packages.

Pamper your pooch while you are away!

If you are looking for more information on what to bring and how to prepare, check out our Pet Boarding Checklist.

Occupancy Rates

Accommodations Traditional Apartments Premium Apartments Luxury Suites Presidential Suites
Standard $30 $36 $47 $60
Double Occupancy $49 $58 $76 $97
*Peak Single Occupancy $34 $40 $51 $64
*Peak Double Occupancy $57 $66 $84 $105

Additional Activities

Group or Individual Play  Traditional Apartments  Premium Apartments  Luxury Suites  Presidential Suites
Standard $9 $9 included included
*Peak $12 $12 included included
Comfort Traditional Apartments Premium Apartments Luxury Suites Presidential Suites
Daily Relaxing Massage $15 $15 included included
Gourmet Snack (Cookie or Frozen Yogurt) $3 $3 included included
Canine Cots $1 $1 included included
One-on-One $24 $24 $24 included
Swim Time $7 $7 $7 included

*See below for Peak Holiday Dates.

NOTE: All dog boarding accommodations are also eligible for double occupancy; please call us for details.

  • Group Play
  • Dogs are pack animals so they love to frolic and cavort in Group Play.
  • 7 Play Groups (based on temperaments)
  • 8 Supervised Outdoor Areas (depending on the weather)
  • 5 Supervised Indoor Areas (climate controlled)
  • 1 Rest Period (minimum/day)
  • Independent Play
  • Two extended visits to an outside Independent Playground.
  • Bring you pet’s favorite toy or use one of our toys.
  • An Animal Care Technician or Group Play Guardian rotates monitoring our Independent Playgrounds.
  • One-on-One Play
  • Four 15 minute one-on-one play sessions, with an Animal Care Technician or Group Play Guardian.
  • Day Training
  • An individual training session with our Master Trainer.
  • Dog receives one hour a day of training.
  • Depending on training needs, it can be three 20 minute sessions, four 15 minutes, etc. Or six 10 minute sessions.
  • Swim & Splash (May-September)
  • Dogs love to swim!
  • 10 minute swim, frolic and rinse
  • 15 minute blow dry (add $10)

Optional Services

Service Price Information
Eating Our Food $2/day Rates exclude food. The primary cause of canine diarrhea is an abrupt change of diet, so we recommend bringing your own food.
Canine Cots $1/day A softer bed with better air circulation. Ideal for older dogs.
Medications $2.50 To administer pills/ sprays/ creams; up to $5 for special medications.
After hours pick-up (after 30 minutes) $75 After hours pick-up must be pre-approved by a manager and requires pre-payment of the entire stay.
Late pick-up (up to 30 minutes) $5 for every 10 minutes Please call if you know that you are going to be late, otherwise we will board your dog for the night. You will be charged for overnight boarding.
 Feed lunch $2.50 We serve 2 meals a day at the requested times. Most adult dogs do not eat lunch, but we will do so if requested.

Discount Packages

Packages Prices
10 Swim & Splashes $65 ($6.50/day) – does not include blow dry
10-Day Training $350 ($35/day)
20-Day Training $625 ($31.25/day)
30-Day Training $845 ($28.17/day)

Peak Holiday Dates :

  • IU & MCCSC Spring Breaks (Friday before breaks to Monday after breaks)
  • Memorial Day (Friday before holiday to the Tuesday after the holiday)
  • 4th of July (day before holiday to at least two days after holiday)
  • Labor Day (Friday before holiday to the Tuesday after the holiday)
  • IU & MCCSC Fall Break (Friday before breaks to Monday after breaks)
  • Thanksgiving (Friday before holiday week to Monday after holiday)
  • Christmas/New Year’s (Friday before Christmas week to Monday after New Year’s)

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