Cat Boarding FAQs

Can I board my cat or kitten?

Yes, we provide both daycare and boarding for cats and kittens.
What is the size of your accommodations?

  • Our Luxury Cat Towers are 4′ wide x 3 1/2′ deep x 10′ high. They are the most luxurious feline accommodations in Indiana with:
    • multi-level terraces up to 7.5′ high
    • massive picture windows in the front and back
    • an outside view
    • a view overlooking our reception area
    • scratching posts and play equipment.
  • Our Cat Condos are 2′ wide x 2′ deep x 2′ high. Each condo has:
    • a loft and a main floor.
    • A picture window
    • An outside view
What is included in the daily lodging rate for my cat or kitten?

  • Litter box, litter and bowls
  • Premium bedding.
  • We serve 2 meals per day at regular intervals.
  • Water is changed with each feeding
  • Cat Condo lodgers also receive two private play times per day in our Feline Playground.
What is a “Feline Playground”?

BloomingPaws offers a wide selection of cat activities that can suit any feline personality! Our Feline Playground allows cats to stretch and roam around our 12′ x 10′ play area during a pampered pet session. The Feline Playground has an outdoor view and many different types of furniture, scratching posts, toys and exercise equipment.
What do I bring with my cats when I check them in?

You may bring food, a collar, toys, and treats in a small plastic bag. All belongings must be marked with the guest’s last name.Please also bring any medication in the original container with your pet. An Animal Care Technician (ACT) will give your pet their medication as requested.BloomingPaws provides all overnight guests with premium fleecy blankets.Please do not bring any bedding from home!

What food will be served?

An abrupt change of diet can cause feline diarrhea so please bring your cat’s and kitty’s food. Please prepackage it in zip-top bags, one serving per bag.We will provide our cat food as an optional service. Most cats do very well on our food because we serve a blend of food that is generally easy on the stomach and digestive system.If your pet is staying with us for an extended visit and you want us to provide our food, then call our Customer Service Team and we will be happy to provide you with complimentary portions of our food so you can start the transition before arrival to avoid any discomfort with an abrupt change of diet.
I have multiple cats. Can they board together?

Absolutely! Cats of the same family can certainly share accommodations. BloomingPaws offers accommodations that are comfortable and spacious for multiple cat households.
Can I have my cats groomed while they are staying with you?

Of course! Our full service grooming salon offers many options for bathing, haircuts, coat treatments, nail trims and more for your cat. See our Cat Grooming services » .
What if I need to cancel my reservation?

There is no fee to cancel appointments for our vet clinic, spa, daycare or academy; although as a courtesy we request a 24 hour notice for any cancellations. There is also no cancellation fee for boarding during most of the year. However, there are cancelation procedures for reservations during our Peak Holiday Boarding Seasons. See Our FAQ For All Pet Parents » .
Is there a vaccination requirement?

Yes. In order to safeguard the health of every guest we require that every pet have the required vaccinations prior to their visit. See our FAQ For All Pet Parents ».