Boarding Checklist

This page is a pet boarding checklist for
BloomingPaws pet parents to consider before
bringing a pet to stay with us for one or more nights.

Plan Ahead

Call and make a reservation as soon you know your travel plans, particularly during Peak Holiday Seasons.


Make sure all immunizations are current and bring a copy of the health records. Check our Health Policies, please. See Health Policies ».

Personality Assessments

If you want your dog to participate in our Group Play options, then please schedule a Group Play Evaluation with our trained staff in advance so we can assess the proper play option for your best friend. See Group Play Evaluation ».

Don’t Feed Too Much Before You Leave

Don’t over feed your pet right before leaving for vacation. This could cause an upset tummy. We will take care of the food!

Bring Us Your Dog Food

The most common cause of canine diarrhea is an abrupt change of diet, so please bring your pet’s food. Please prepackage it in zip-top bags, one serving per bag. Otherwise, we will serve Hill’s Science Diet (Sensitive Skin & Stomach). Its main ingredients are chicken meal, brown rice, pork fat, and beet pulp.

If your pet is staying with us for an extended visit and you want us to provide our food, we will be happy to provide you with complimentary portions of our food so you can start the transition before arrival.

Blankets & Cots

Premium fleecy blankets are provided for free for all canine and feline borders. They are laundered every night.

We offer canine cots and foam mattresses for geriatric borders at an additional cost.

Do not bring bedding from home unless your pet is staying in the Luxury or Presidential Suites.

We will refuse bedding and toys that include Poly Fill (polyester fiberfill), which are dangerous to animals.

Items You Can Bring for Your Pet

We request that you bring a leash or cat carrier to leave with us. You may also bring a collar, toys (excluding those with Poly Fill, polyester fiberfill), and treats in a small plastic bag. All belongings should be marked with the guest’s last name.


Bring medications in their original containers when you check in. Please call in advance to give us the details about how to administer the medications.

Stay Calm

You can help your pet avoid unnecessary anxiety by keeping an upbeat attitude when you drop your pet off.

Personal Service

One of our friendly Animal Care Technicians will take your dog to his or her room. This shows your dog that you trust us and will keep your dog from thinking you want him to protect his/her room.

Baby Steps

Try to schedule a one or two night vacation for your pet’s first vacation, rather than a whole week.

We Need Your Number

Bring an emergency contact phone number.

Homecoming Hints

Do not over feed or offer unlimited water to your dog for at least four hours after you return home. Your dog may be really excited to get home. This may cause him/her to eat and drink too quickly and may result in an upset stomach. Just let your dog calm down a little first!

Vacation Lag

Your dog may be a little tired upon returning home. This is normal. There is a great deal of excitement at BloomingPaws! If you have any questions about your dog’s behavior, please give us a call.

We encourage all pet parents to read our FAQ !