Reproductive Questions

How long is a dog or cat in season?

A dog is in season (or heat) for about 21 days. The first 10 days include bleeding from the vagina, then your dog is ready to accept the male. A cat is completely different from a dog. They go in and out of season all year round until they are either bred or spayed. We recommend spaying your pet to eliminate the risk of pyometra, uterine, and ovarian cancer and to greatly reduce the risk of mammary (breast) cancer. Pyometra is a life-threatening infection of the uterus that most commonly occurs in older pets. It is much better to spay a pet while it is young and healthy, than to deal with a uterine abscess in an older pet.
How long does pregnancy last in a dog or cat?

A dog is pregnant for 63 days and a cat for 61 days. The newborns should be examined by our veterinarian within 24-48 hours.
Will spaying or neutering my dog or cat make them fat and lazy?

No. Spaying or neutering will not contribute to obesity at all. If you watch your pet’s diet and give them plenty of exercise you should not have a problem.
Can my female dog be spayed while she is in heat or while she is pregnant?

It is best to wait until a female is out of heat before she is spayed. During the heat cycle all the blood vessels that lead to the ovaries and uterus are enlarged and this makes surgery more of a risk to the dog. A dog can be spayed if she is early in her pregnancy. You should discuss this with our veterinarian.
How soon after my dog or cat has had puppies or kittens can she be spayed?

As soon as the puppies or kittens are weaned and the mother’s milk had dried up, she can be spayed.
I have heard that letting my female have a litter makes her a better pet. Is this true?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, more heat cycles and pregnancies increase the chances of mammary tumors later in life. Some pets also have behavioral changes after having a litter.
If I neuter my cat, will he stop spraying my furniture?

When a cat sprays, he is exhibiting the male tendency to mark his territory with urine. Neutering decreases his male hormones and makes him much less likely to exhibit this undesirable trait (Although – neutering does not guarantee that he will stop spraying).
Couldn’t I just give my a dog a vasectomy? Why does he have to be castrated?

A vasectomy, although it makes your dog incapable of breeding, does nothing to diminish his sexual drive. He will still roam, still fight with other dogs and still tend to be aggressive. By castrating, you reduce the hormones that are causing the undesirable behaviors.