Surgery Questions

My cat was spayed/neutered, when do the stitches come out?

If your cat or dog has external stitches, please bring her back in for a recheck and suture removal in 7-10 days. Male cats and dogs will not have external stitches unless they had an undescended testicle.
When can I bathe my dog or cat after surgery?

Any time after 10 days unless otherwise instructed by our Veterinarian.
Will my animal be in pain after surgery?

We know that any type of surgery will cause pain therefore we have aggressive and current pain protocols in place. You will likely be sent home with some pain medications to give to your pet.
Do I really need to have the blood work done before my pet’s surgery?

This is a safety measure that we recommend to provide the highest level of care. The blood work lets us know if there are any underlying liver or kidney problems with your pet.
Do you offer feline declaw?

Yes, we declaw front feet. Soft nail caps might also be an option. See Cat Grooming » Please schedule an appointment with our veterinarian to find out if your cat is a good candidate for declawing.