Grooming FAQs

How often should I groom my pet?

Grooming your pets is part of keeping them happy and healthy. Depending on breed, age, coat, and some health conditions, pets should be groomed regularly every four to six weeks. Our grooming staff will be happy to discuss an appropriate schedule that is right for your pet!
How much will it cost to groom my pet?

Specific grooming prices can be quoted over the phone and vary depending on breed, size, type of grooming, condition of coat, and cooperation in grooming. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to discuss our grooming options and prices with you.
What is a “de-shedding treatment”?

Regular de-shedding treatments reduce pet hair in your house by up to 90%! We use a FURminator tool in a 3-step process to control shedding while promoting healthy skin and coat. Best if used every 6 weeks. It is safe for cats & dogs 6 weeks of age and older. Here is how it works:

  1. Brush out all loose hair trapped within the coat. This allows the premium shampoo and conditioning solution to enrich the skin with natural ingredients to help protect you and your pet against excessive shedding.
  2. Bathe with de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. This will release the undercoat during the bath, allowing step three to be successful.
  3. A full thirty minutes of brushing/drying/de-matting!
Is there a vaccination requirement?

Yes. In order to safeguard the health of every guest we require that every pet have the required vaccinations prior to their visit. See our FAQ For All Pet Parents ».
What is your cancellation policy for grooming reservations?

Although there is no fee for canceling a grooming appointment, as a courtesy we request a 24 hour notice for any cancellations.
How do I make a grooming appointment for my pet?

You can fill out the information on our website and one of our Customer Service Team will call you to confirm. You can also call us directly. All reservations must be confirmed by telephone or in person. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to discuss all of the options we have to offer!
What time should I drop off and pick up my pet for grooming?

Pets with grooming appointments should arrive anywhere from 7 A.M. to 9 A.M. from Monday through Friday. Upon check-in, our Customer Service Team will discuss a scheduled time for pick up. The latest pickup for grooming appointments is 6 PM.
Do you groom cats?

Absolutely! Our full service grooming salon offers many options for bathing, haircuts, coat treatments, nail trims, and more for your cat.
Can I add activities to my pet’s grooming reservation?

Of course! BloomingPaws offers a Spa Day in which guests are individually handled during the day, half of which is spent in our Daycare program and half in our grooming salon. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to book your Spa Day reservation.
Do you offer grooming with sedation?

Yes, your pet must schedule an exam with our Veterinarian prior to making a grooming reservation of this kind. If at all possible, we try to perform the grooming without sedation first. A little TLC can sometimes go long way to helping a pet with poor grooming manners or a stressed pet cope with being put in an unfamiliar situation. If it is determined that sedation is needed, our Head Groomer and Veterinarian work closely together to be sure your pet is monitored and under the best of care throughout the entire grooming.
Do you offer Soft Nail Caps?

Yes. These caps are safe, non-toxic vinyl covers that glue onto the nail. They are developed by a veterinarian and designed to prevent damage when your cat scratches! They come in large variety of colors, last 4-6 weeks and are available in all sizes. A nail trim is included in this procedure.