Individual Training

Day School

Our Day School Program is a comprehensive and convenient approach to dog obedience training and exercising your dog. The dog is dropped off each morning, works with our dog trainer during the day and then is picked up by their pet parent in the evening. Our program includes:

  • Reviewing progress and accomplishments
  • Discussing homework assignments
  • Learning the skills to reinforce obedience training
  • Planning future obedience training activities
  • Free go-home lesson at the end of each week
Program Price
5 Days $200 ($40 per day)
10 Days $350 ($35 per day)
20 Days $600 ($30 per day)

Day Training

Sign your dog up for Day Training as an add-on service to daycare! If you would like to address a few issues (such as furniture jumping, down, & sit) for the day this program is for you. The trainer will spend 30 minutes on how to continue training at home for a small fee.

Program Price
One Day Training Session $25
Private Lesson Add-On $25

Boarding School

While your pet boards at our first-class facility at night, we will train your dog during the day. Boarding fees will be discounted by 20%. Your pet will receive personalized obedience training to meet your needs. Our program features:

  • Solid foundation in basic obedience training
  • By request, address other behavioral issues
  • Weekly updates
  • Free go-home lesson at the end of the course
  • One private follow-up lesson for each additional week
Program Price
1 Week $200
2 Weeks $350
4 Weeks $600

Does not include boarding fees.

Private Lessons

Enjoy one-on-one sessions with our Master Dog Trainer. These sessions are tailored around you and your pet’s unique individual needs. From addressing behavioral issues to preparing for advanced competition, you can purchase single obedience training lessons or money-saving packages to fit your budget. Our program features:

  • One hour obedience training sessions
  • Train the pet parent as well the dog
  • Train at your place or ours
  • Customized solutions
Program Price
Obedience Training at BloomingPaws $70
Obedience Training at pet’s home $85
5 Training Sessions at BloomingPaws $300
5 Training Sessions at pet’s home $375

Refresher Training

You are eligible for discounts in the Day School or Boarding School Refresher Program if you and your dog have taken a previous training program. Keep your dog’s skills sharp while you are away or at work!

Number of Days Discount
Per Day 20% off ($32 per day)
5 Days 25% off ($30 per day)
10 Days or More 30% off ($28 per day)

Discounts not applicable to boarding or vet clinic costs.