Dog Training FAQs

Why do you recommend I receive a Resort tour?

The training orientation that is part of the tour will allow you to:

  • Get familiar with our training methods & philosophy
  • Help define your training goals
  • Select the right obedience training program
  • Understand the training equipment that you are encouraged to bring to class
  • Ask any training questions
What training methods are used at BloomingPaws?

We do not use only one method of training or rely on the latest fads or gimmicks. To successfully train your dog it is essential that we read your dog’s emotional state and adjust our training methods to minimize fear, anxiety, stress, and confusion. Our humane training methods facilitate canine learning and are rooted in classical and operant conditioning. Our customized approach enhances the bond between you and your dog by helping you to:

  • Reinforce your dog’s desirable behaviors
  • Reduce or eliminate your dog’s undesirable behaviors
  • Understand how your dog learns
  • Properly read, communicate, and motivate your dog
  • Develop a compliant, happy dog that loves to work with you
Where are the obedience training classes held?

Classes are primarily held in our climate controlled 1,600 sq. ft. training hall. The training hall has been specifically designed for dog training and education. The hall features:

    • A one piece non-slip 3/8′ impermeable Protect-All rubber membrane with an electronic online whiteboard


  • Agility equipment
  • Jumps
  • A wide variety of training tools
  • Ample seating and excellent acoustics

From time to time we will be holding classes in either our outdoor areas or at Bryan Park.

Why would I want to drop my dog off for training?

We have professional trainers who can train your dog for you. They work with your pet to solve problem behaviors and to teach basic and advanced obedience exercises. You don’t need to be an expert in behavior modification to have a well-behaved dog. This method of obedience training is also a good choice if you have little time to spend in class with your dog.
When at your facilities, what does my dog do when not being trained?

We will evaluate your dog’s unique personality, size and needs to match your dog’s unique play style with one of our 9 Playground Areas:

  • 4 outdoor Group Playground Areas
  • 2 indoor, climate controlled Group Playground Areas
  • 3 outdoor Independent Playground Areas with their favorite toys.
Will my dog retain the things learned when he gets home?

Absolutely! Our Master Dog Trainer will go over what your dog learned and provide you with obedience training exercises to continue to do at home to keep your dog’s learning fresh. The great thing is that the trainer has done the hard part for you‚ teaching the dog. Now all you have to do is reinforce the behaviors when you get home.
Can my dog  “flunk” obedience school?

We never have a dog “fail” class. If you practice with your dog, you will see changes in behavior. The age of the dog, the breed and energy level, and the family dynamics can all affect your dog’s progress. Just as with people, learning is an on-going process. We have many clients who repeat classes for fun or to give the dog more exposure to other dogs and people. We also have a variety of classes to suit your dog’s needs.
Does just one person in my family work with the dog while in class?

One handler should do all the training in class. Having one handler helps provide consistency for your dog and avoids confusing particularly when learning new exercises.
Can I bring my family to the dog training classes?

Yes! We encourage everyone in the family to come and observe class. Children are welcome to attend as long as they do not disturb other pet parents or their own dog!
What do I need to bring to dog training class?

A 6 foot leash, some yummy treats and your dog is all you need to start your class. The instructor will let you know what other equipment or supplies you will need.
Can you housebreak my dog while at BloomingPaws?

For true housebreaking to take place, it has to be learned in your home environment. For that we provide in-home lessons, to fine tune your housebreaking program at home. We also provide support in the way of follow-up phone calls or more lessons.
Is there a vaccination requirement?

Yes. In order to safeguard the health of every guest we require that every pet have the required vaccinations prior to their visit. See our FAQ For All Pet Parents ».
How old does my puppy need to be to join the puppy preschool class?

In general puppies can start class as early as 7 weeks of age.  Puppies should receive a minimum of one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to the class and a first deworming. Enrolling in puppy classes prior to 3 months of age can be an excellent means of improving training, strengthening the human and puppy bond, and socializing puppies.